Jorge Cortés


Current Members

Postdoctoral Research Associates

Miguel Vaquero (miguevaquero at, 2017-
Data-driven online optimization, distributed primal-dual methods

Dariush Fooladivanda (dfooladivanda at, 2018- [joint with Prof. S. Martínez]
Modeling and control of power and transportation networks

Dimitris Boskos (dboskos at, 2018- [joint with Prof. S. Martínez]
Data-driven distributionally robust optimization, traffic networks

Prasad Vilas Chanekar (prasadvc2007 at, 2018-

Graduate Students

Aaron Ma (aam021 at, PhD, 2016-
Robot planning, multi-agent deployment

Pio Ong (piong at, PhD, 2016-
Multi-objective optimization, event-triggered control, human-robot interaction

Priyank Srivastava (psrivast at, PhD, 2016-
Microgrid participation in electric markets, aggregation and distributed control of energy resources

Masih Haseli (mhaseli at, PhD, 2017-
data-driven modeling of control systems, dynamic mode decomposition methods

Ahmed Allibhoy (aallibho at, PhD, 2018-

Ryan Greenough (rgreenou at, PhD, 2018-

Past Members

Postdoctoral Research Associates

Bahman Gharesifard, Postdoc, 2009-2012, now Associate Professor at Queen's University, Kingston, Canada
Graph balancing, adversarial reasoning, hypergames, and distributed optimization

Solmaz Kia, 2012-2014 [joint with Prof. S. Martínez], now Assistant Professor at University of California, Irvine
Dynamic average consensus, distributed optimization, event-triggered control

Mike Ouimet, 2014-2015 [joint with Prof. S. Martínez], now Engineer at SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific, San Diego
Provision of network integrity by cordination of stratospheric vehicles, multi-agent robotics laboratory

Yingbo Zhao, 2015-2016, now Senior Algorithms Engineer at Cymer Corporation
Reachability metrics for bilinear networks, identification of complex networks

Pavan Tallapragada, 2014-2017, now Assistant Professor at Indian Institute of Science
Opportunistic event-triggered control, information theory, differential privacy, intelligent transportation

Kooktae Lee, 2016-2017, now Assistant Professor at New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
Recending-horizon multi-objective optimization

Chin-Yao Chang, 2016-2018, now at National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Optimal power flow, distributed and mixed-integer optimization, control and actuator selection

Graduate Students

Anurag Ganguli, PhD, 2002-2007, co-advised with Prof. Francesco Bullo, now Senior Engineer at PlusAI
PhD Thesis: "Motion Coordination for Mobile Robotic Networks with Visibility Sensors"
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Mike Schuresko, PhD, 2005-2009, now at Standard Cognition
PhD Thesis: "Controlling Global Network Connectivity of Robot Swarms With Local Interactions"
Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics, University of California, Santa Cruz

Rishi Graham, PhD, 2006-2010, now Postdoc at MBARI
PhD thesis: "Information-Driven Cooperative Sampling Strategies for Spatial Estimation by Robotic Sensor Networks"
Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics, University of California, Santa Cruz

Cameron Nowzari, PhD, 2009-2013, now Assistant Professor at George Mason University
PhD thesis: "Distributed Triggered Control of Networked Cyber-Physical Systems"
2013 MAE Outstanding Graduate Student Award

Mike Ouimet, PhD, 2009-2014, now Engineer at Naval Information Warfare Systems Command
PhD thesis: "Distributed Cooperation for Robust Estimation"

Dean Richert, PhD, 2010-2014, now Faculty Lecturer at University of British Columbia, Canada
PhD thesis: "Robust Distributed Control of Networked Systems with Linear Programming Objectives"
2014 MAE Outstanding Graduate Student Award
Inaugural recipient of "Robert E. Skelton Systems and Control Dissertation Award" (academic year 2013-2014)

Simon Niederlaender, MS, 2014-2015, now PhD student at University of Stuttgart, Germany
MS thesis: "Distributed Continuous-Time Coordination for Nonsmooth Convex and Robust Optimization"
Engineering Cybernetics, University of Stuttgart, Germany and
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University of California, San Diego

David Mateos, PhD, 2011-2015, now Postdoc at Fraunhofer FHR
PhD thesis: "Distributed Algorithms for Convex Optimization: Noisy Channels, Online Computation, Nuclear Norm Regularization, and Separable Constraints"

Aaron Ma, MS, 2014-2016, now PhD student at UC San Diego
MS thesis: " Visibility-Based Distributed Deployment of Robotic Teams in Polyhedral Terrains"

Ashish Cherukuri, PhD, 2012-2017, now Assistant Professor at University of Groningen, The Netherlands
PhD thesis: "Coordination and Competition in Optimal Dispatch: Distributed Algorithms, Saddle-Point Dynamics, and Iterative Bidding"
2016 MAE Outstanding Graduate Student Award
2016 MAE Distinguished Fellowship Award
Recipient of "Robert E. Skelton Systems and Control Dissertation Award" (academic year 2016-2017)

Yifu Zhang, PhD, 2014-2019, now Senior Software Quality Engineer at MathWorks
PhD thesis: "Transient Frequency Analysis and Distributed Synthesis for Power Networks"
2019 MAE Outstanding Graduate Student Award

Erfan Nozari, PhD, 2014-2019, now postdoc at UPENN, soon Assistant Professor at UC Riverside
PhD thesis: "Networked Dynamical Systems: Privacy, Control, and Cognition"
2018 MAE Distinguished Fellowship Award

Visiting Graduate Students

Rosario Aragüés, visiting PhD student, Spring 08, Spring 09
Department of Computer Science and Systems Engineering
Universidad de Zaragoza, Zaragoza, Spain

Edgardo Chunga, visiting PhD student, Spring 09
Department of Sciences, Mathematics Section
Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, Perú

Rokus Ottervanger, visiting MS student, Spring 14
Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Technology Eindhoven, the Netherlands

Tjerk Stegink, visiting PhD student, Spring 17
Jan C. Willems Center for Systems and Control,
University of Groningen, the Netherlands

Ernesto Aranda Escolástico, visiting PhD student, Spring 17
Departmento de Informática y Automática
Universidad Nacional de Eduacion a Distancia, Spain

Pedro Miguel Otao Pereira, visiting PhD student, Spring 18
Department of Automatic Control
KTH, Sweden

Undergraduate Students

Summer Training Academy for Research in the Sciences Program
Ethan Allen, Morgan State University, Summer 2012
Bryan Yang, UC San Diego, Summer 2016
Ashim Neupane, Howard University, Summer 2016 and Summer 2017
Donipolo Guimere, Howard University, Summer 2018
Tareq Labeeb, Cypress College, Summer 2018

ENLACE Summer Research Program
Tomas Torres, UC Davis, Summer 2017
Ramon Durán, Universidad Autónoma de Baja California, Summer 2017
Ricardo Ruvalcaba, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico, Summer 2018

California Alliance for Minority Participation Summer Research Program
Gerardo González, UC San Diego, Summer 2015

NEW Scholars
Diego Miranda-Gutierrez, Summer 2018

UCSD-Zhejiang University Summer Research Program
Peizhen Gu, Zhejiang University, Summer 2014

UCSD Undergraduate Research Scholarship Program
Gerardo González, UC San Diego, Summer 2016

Regents Scholar Initiative Program
Adam Durbin, UC San Diego, Fall 2012
Agustin Manríquez, UC San Diego, Fall 2017
Ignatius Widjaja, UC San Diego, Fall 2018

Brazil Scientific Mobility Program
Bruno Maciel, Instituto Federal Fluminense, Summer 2015

Independent Study for Undergraduates
Katie Laventall, UC Santa Cruz, Fall 2006-Spring 2007, senior thesis
Katherine Liu, UC San Diego, Winter, Spring 2014, Fall 2014-Spring 2015
Daniel Heideman, UC San Diego, Winter 2014-Winter 2015
Matthew Qen, UC San Diego, Fall 2014-Spring 2015
Mike Liu, UC San Diego, Spring 2015-Spring 2016
Gerardo González, UC San Diego, Fall 2015-Spring 2016
Jose L. Ramirez, UC San Diego, Summer 2015-Winter 2016
Julio Martinez, UC San Diego Summer 2015-Spring 2016
Zhiye Zhang, UC San Diego, Fall 2015
Shiyuan Huang, UC San Diego, Winter 2015-Summer 2016
Aamir Rasheed, UC San Diego, Spring 2016
Andrew Chen, UC San Diego, Summer 2016-Fall 2017
Alexander Khoury, UC San Diego, Fall 2016-Spring 2017, Fall 2017
Mingze An, UC San Diego, Winter 2016-Spring 2017, Fall 2017
Alec Chac, UC San Diego, Summer 2017-Fall 2017
Stuart Sardo, UC San Diego, Fall 2017-Spring 2018
Zhe Wei, UC San Diego, Fall 2017
Lingzhi Zheng, UC San Diego, Winter 2018
Wells Huang, UC San Diego, Summer 2018-Fall 2018

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