Jorge Cortés


Robust team-triggered coordination of networked cyberphysical systems
C. Nowzari, J. Cortés
Control of Cyber-Physical Systems: Workshop held at Johns Hopkins University, March 2013, ed. D. C. Tarraf, Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences, vol. 449, Springer-Verlag, 2013, pp. 317-336


This paper proposes a novel approach, termed team-triggered, to the real-time implementation of distributed controllers on networked cyberphysical systems. We build on the strengths of event- and self-triggered control to synthesize a single, unified approach that combines aspects of both and is implementable over distributed networked systems, while maintaining desired levels of performance. We establish provably correct guarantees of the distributed strategies resulting from the proposed approach and examine their robustness against multiple sources of errors including communication delays, packet drops, and communication noise. The results are illustrated in simulations of a multi-agent coverage control problem.

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