Jorge Cortés


Geometric control of robotic locomotion systems
S. Martínez, J. Cortés
Proceedings of the X Fall Workshop on Geometry and Physics, Miraflores de la Sierra, Spain, 2001, Publicaciones de la RSME, vol. 4 (2003), pp. 183-198


A wide class of robotic locomotion systems share a rich unifying geometric framework where notions such as cyclic rectification, coupling and motions induced by the interaction with the environment have a proper mathematical formulation. In this paper, we show how the modeling of robotic systems based on Lagrangian reduction techniques enables us to approach the optimal control problem in a way where locomotion concepts are naturally introduced. We propose an algorithm to numerically solve this optimal control problem and explore its convergence properties. Finally, several simulations and comparisons with experimental motions are shown for the robotic eel mechanism REEL II.

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