Jorge Cortés


Coordinated deployment of mobile sensing networks with limited-range interactions
J. Cortés, S. Martínez, F. Bullo
Proceedings of the 43rd IEEE Int. Conf. Decision and Control, Paradise Island, Bahamas, 2004, pp. 1944-1949


This paper presents coordination algorithms for groups of mobile agents performing deployment and coverage tasks. As an important modeling constraint, we assume that each mobile agent has a limited sensing or communication radius. We focus on (1) a comprehensive smoothness analysis of a class of locational optimization functions (including a generalized statement of the Conservation-of-Mass Law), and (2) a discrete-time convergence result based on a generalized statement of the LaSalle Invariance Principle. These coordination algorithms have convergence guarantees and are spatially distributed with respect to appropriate proximity graphs. Numerical simulations illustrate the results.

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