Jorge Cortés


Dynamic consensus for merging visual maps under limited communications
R. Aragüés, J. Cortés, and C. Sagüés
Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Robotics and Automation, Anchorage, Alaska, 2010, pp. 3032-3037


In this paper we present an algorithm for merging visual maps in a robot network. Along the operation, each robot observes the environment and builds and maintains its local map. Simultaneously, the robots communicate and build a global map of the environment. The communication between the robots are limited, and, at every time instant, the robots can only exchange data with their neighboring robots. We provide a fully distributed solution to the problem. This solution does not rely on any particular communication topology and is robust to changes in the topology. Information is exchanged exclusively between neighbors and there are no broadcast messages or flooding procedures. The contribution is the dynamic map merging proposal as an extension of distributed sensor fusion ideas. Under mild connectivity conditions on the communication graph, this algorithm asymptotically converges to the solution. The real experiments have been carried out with visual information, which is of special interest in robotics.


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