Jorge Cortés


Team-triggered coordination of networked systems
C. Nowzari, J. Cortés
Proceedings of the American Control Conference, Washington, D.C., USA, 2013, pp. 3827-3832


This paper proposes an approach for improved methods of performing event- and self-triggered communication and control on networked systems. Current self-triggered strategies are known to be quite conservative whereas event-triggered approaches are costly to implement on distributed systems that rely on wireless communication for information transmission. To overcome these limitations, we propose a novel class of team-triggered coordination laws that combine ideas from event- and self-triggered control, are implementable on networked systems, and maintain desired levels of performance. We characterize the asymptotic convergence properties of team-triggered strategies and show that, in terms of required communication, they perform no worse than self-triggered approaches. Simulations on a multi-agent formation control problem illustrate our results.

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