Jorge Cortés


Scheduling of control nodes for improved network controllability
Y. Zhao, F. Pasqualetti, J. Cortés
Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, 2016, pp. 1859-1864


This paper considers the problem of controlling a linear time-invariant network by means of (possibly) time-varying set of control nodes. As control metric, we adopt the worst-case input energy to drive the network state from the origin to any point on the unit hypersphere in the state space. We provide a geometric interpretation of the controllability Gramian of networks with time-varying input matrices, and establish a connection between the controllability degree of a network and its eigenstructure. Based on the geometric structure of the controllability Gramian, we then propose a scheduling algorithm to select control nodes over time so as to improve the network controllability degree. Finally, we numerically show that, for a class of clustered networks, our algorithm improves upon the performance obtained by a constant set of control nodes, and outperforms an existing heuristic-based on column subset selection.


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