Jorge Cortés


Event-triggered stabilization of disturbed linear systems over digital channels
M. J. Khojasteh, M. Hedayatpour, J. Cortés, M. Franceschetti
Annual Conference on Information Systems and Sciences, Princeton, New Jersey, USA, 2018, electronic proceedings


We present an event-triggered control strategy for stabilizing a scalar, continuous-time, time-invariant, linear system over a digital communication channel having bounded delay, and in the presence of bounded system disturbance. We propose an encoding-decoding scheme, and determine lower bounds on the packet size and on the information transmission rate which are sufficient for stabilization. We show that for small values of the delay, the timing information implicit in the triggering events is enough to stabilize the system with any positive rate. In contrast, when delay increases beyond a critical threshold, the timing information alone is not enough to stabilize the system and the transmission rate begins to increase. Finally, large values of the delay require transmission rates higher than what prescribed by the classic data-rate theorem. The results are numerically validated in a linearized model of an inverted pendulum.


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