Jorge Cortés


Distributed transient frequency control in power networks
Y. Zhang, J. Cortés
Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, Miami Beach, Florida, 2018, pp. 4595-4600


Modern power networks face increasing challenges in controlling their transient frequency behavior at acceptable levels due to low-inertia and highly-dynamic units. This paper presents a distributed control strategy regulated on a subset of individual buses in a power network to maintain their transient frequencies in safe regions and, at the same time, preserve asymptotic stability of the overall system. Building on Lyapunov stability and set invariance theory, we formulate the transient frequency requirement and the asymptotic stability requirement as two separate constraints for the control input. Hereby, for each bus of interest, we synthesize a controller satisfying both constraints simultaneously. The controller is distributed and Lipschitz, guaranteeing the existence and uniqueness of the trajectories of the closed-loop system. Simulations on the IEEE 39-bus power network illustrate our results.


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