Jorge Cortés


Transient frequency control with regional cooperation for power networks
Y. Zhang, J. Cortés
Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, Miami Beach, Florida, 2018, pp. 2587-2592


This paper proposes a centralized and a distributed sub-optimal control strategy to maintain the real-time transient frequencies of a given collection of buses in safe regions, and simultaneous preserve asymptotic stability of the entire network. In a receding horizon fashion, the centralized control input is obtained by iteratively solving an open-loop optimization problem aiming to minimize the aggregate control efforts over sub-controllers regulated on individual buses under transient frequency and stability constraints. Due to the non-convexity nature of the optimization, we propose a convexification technique by identifying a reference control input trajectory. We then extend the centralized control to a distributed scheme, where each sub-controller can only access the state information within a local region. Simulations on IEEE-9 and IEEE-39 power networks illustrate our results.


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