Jorge Cortés


Robust rendezvous for mobile autonomous agents via proximity graphs in arbitrary dimensions
J. Cortés, S.Martínez, F. Bullo
IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control 51 (8) (2006), 1289-1298
Google Scholar's "Classic Papers: Articles That Have Stood The Test of Time", top 3 in Automation & Control Theory, June 2017


This paper presents coordination algorithms for networks of mobile autonomous agents. The objective of the proposed algorithms is to achieve rendezvous, that is, agreement over the location of the agents in the network. We provide analysis and design results for multi-agent networks in arbitrary dimensions under weak requirements on the switching and failing communication topology. The novel correctness proof relies on proximity graphs and their properties and on a general LaSalle Invariance Principle for nondeterministic discrete-time dynamical systems.

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