Jorge Cortés


Coverage optimization and spatial load balancing by robotic sensor networks
J. Cortés
IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control 55 (3) (2010), 749-754


This paper studies robotic sensor networks performing coverage optimization tasks with area constraints. The network coverage of the environment is a function of the robot locations and the partition of the space. The area of the region assigned to each robot is constrained to be a pre-specified amount. We characterize the optimal configurations as center generalized Voronoi configurations. The generalized Voronoi partition depends on a set of weights, one per robot, assigned to the network. We design a Jacobi iterative algorithm to find the weight assignment whose corresponding generalized Voronoi partition satisfies the area constraints. This algorithm is distributed over the generalized Delaunay graph. We also design the ``move-to-center-and-compute-weight'' strategy to steer the robotic network towards the set of center generalized Voronoi configurations while monotonically optimizing coverage.

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