Jorge Cortés


Simultaneous input and state estimation for nonlinear systems with applications to flow field estimation
H. Fang, R. A. de Callafon, J. Cortés
Automatica 49 (9) (2013), 2805-2812


This paper studies the problem of simultaneous input and state estimation (SISE) for nonlinear dynamical systems with and without direct input-output feedthrough. We take a Bayesian perspective to develop a sequential joint input and state estimation approach. Our scheme gives rise to a nonlinear Maximum a Posteriori optimization problem, which we solve using a classical Gauss-Newton method. The proposed approach generalizes a number of SISE methods presented in the literature. We illustrate the effectiveness of the proposed scheme for nonlinear systems with direct feedthrough in an oceanographic flow field estimation problem involving submersible buoys that measure position intermittently and acceleration continuously.

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