Jorge Cortés


Distributed generator coordination for initialization and anytime optimization in economic dispatch
A. Cherukuri, J. Cortés
IEEE Transactions on Control of Network Systems 2 (3) (2015), 226-237


This paper considers the economic dispatch problem for a group of generator units communicating over an arbitrary weight-balanced digraph. The objective of the individual units is to collectively generate power to satisfy a certain load while minimizing the total generation cost, which corresponds to the sum of individual arbitrary convex functions. We propose a class of distributed Laplacian-gradient dynamics that are guaranteed to asymptotically find the solution to the economic dispatch problem with and without generator constraints. The proposed coordination algorithms are anytime, meaning that its trajectories are feasible solutions at any time before convergence, and they become better and better solutions as time elapses. Additionally, we design the provably correct, distributed "feasibly allocate" strategy to handle generator initialization and scenarios with addition and deletion of units. Several simulations illustrate our results.


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