Jorge Cortés


Event-triggered stabilization of linear systems under bounded bit rates
P. Tallapragada, J. Cortés
IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control 61 (6) (2016), 1575-1589


This paper addresses the problem of exponential practical stabilization of linear time-invariant systems with disturbances using event-triggered control and bounded data rate communication. We consider both the case of instantaneous communication with finite precision data at each transmission and the case of non-instantaneous communication with finite average data rate. Given a prescribed rate of convergence, the proposed event-triggered control implementations opportunistically determine the transmission instants and the finite precision data to be transmitted at each round. We show that our design exponentially practically stabilizes the origin while guaranteeing a uniform positive lower bound on the inter-transmission and inter-reception times, ensuring that the number of bits transmitted at each round is upper bounded uniformly in time, and allowing for the possibility of transmitting fewer bits at any given time if more bits than prescribed were transmitted earlier. Several simulations illustrate the results.


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