Jorge Cortés


Distributed control of vehicle strings under finite-time and safety specifications
P. Tallapragada, J. Cortés
IEEE Transactions on Control of Network Systems 5 (3) (2018), 1399-1411


This paper studies an optimal control problem for a string of vehicles with safety requirements and finite-time specifications on the approach time to a target region. The problem is motivated by scenarios involving autonomous vehicles circulating on arterial roads with intelligent management at traffic intersections. We propose a provably correct distributed control algorithm that ensures that the vehicles satisfy the finite-time specifications under speed limits, acceleration saturation, and safety requirements. The safety specifications are such that collisions can be avoided even in cases of communication failure. We also discuss how the proposed distributed algorithm can be integrated with an intelligent intersection manager to provide information about the feasible approach times of the vehicle string and a guaranteed bound of its time of occupancy of the intersection. Our simulation study illustrates the algorithm and its properties regarding approach time, occupancy time, and fuel and time cost.


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