Jorge Cortés


Hierarchical-distributed optimized coordination of intersection traffic
P. Tallapragada, J. Cortés
IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems 21 (5) (2020), 2100-2113


This paper considers the problem of coordinating the vehicular traffic at an intersection and on the branches leading to it to minimize a combination of total travel time and energy consumption. We propose a provably safe hierarchical-distributed solution to balance computational complexity and optimality of the system operation. In our design, a central intersection manager communicates with vehicles heading towards the intersection, groups them into clusters (termed bubbles) as they appear, and determines an optimal schedule of passage through the intersection for each bubble. The vehicles in each bubble receive their schedule and implement local distributed control to ensure system-wide inter-vehicular safety while respecting speed and acceleration limits, conforming to the assigned schedule, and seeking to optimize their individual trajectories. Our analysis rigorously establishes the convergence and safety guarantees provided by the proposed design. We illustrate its execution in a suite of simulations and compare its performance to traditional signal-based coordination over a wide range of system parameters.


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