Jorge Cortés


Event-triggered stabilization of nonlinear systems with time-varying sensing and actuation delay
E. Nozari, P. Tallapragada, J. Cortés
Automatica 113 (2020), 108754


This paper studies the problem of stabilization of a nonlinear system with time-varying delays in both sensing and actuation using event-triggered control. Our proposed strategy seeks to opportunistically minimize the number of control updates while guaranteeing stabilization and builds on predictor feedback to compensate for arbitrarily large known time-varying delays. We establish, using a Lyapunov approach, the global asymptotic stability of the closed-loop system as long as the open-loop system is globally input-to-state stabilizable in the absence of time delays and event-triggering. We further prove that the proposed event-triggered law has inter-event times that are uniformly lower bounded and hence does not exhibit Zeno behavior. For the particular case of a stabilizable linear system, we show global exponential stability of the closed-loop system and analyze the trade-off between the rate of exponential convergence and average sampling frequency. We illustrate these results in simulation and also examine the properties of the proposed event-triggered strategy beyond the class of systems for which stabilization can be guaranteed.

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