Jorge Cortés


Event-triggered communication and control of networked systems for multi-agent consensus
C. Nowzari, E. Garcia, J. Cortés
Automatica 105 (2019), 1-27


This article is a tutorial to event-triggered coordination for multi-agent average consensus. We provide a comprehensive account of the motivations behind the use of event-triggered strategies for consensus, the methods for algorithm synthesis, the technical challenges involved in establishing desirable properties of the resulting implementations, and their applications in distributed control. We pay special attention to the assumptions on the capabilities of the network agents and the resulting features of the algorithm execution, including the interconnection topology, the evaluation of triggers, and the role of imperfect information. The issues raised in our discussion transcend the specific consensus problem and are indeed characteristic of cooperative algorithms for networked cyber-physical systems that solve other coordination tasks. As our discussion progresses, we make these connections clear, highlighting general challenges and tools to address them widespread in the event-triggered control of networked systems.


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