Jorge Cortés


Exploiting timing information in event-triggered stabilization of linear systems with disturbances
M. J. Khojasteh, M. Hedayatpour, J. Cortés, M. Franceschetti
IEEE Transactions on Control of Network Systems 8 (1) (2021), 15-27


In the same way that subsequent pauses in spoken language are used to convey information, it is also possible to transmit information in communication networks not only by message content, but also with its timing. This paper presents an event-triggering strategy that utilizes timing information by transmitting in a state-dependent fashion. We consider the stabilization of a continuous-time, time-invariant, linear plant over a digital communication channel with bounded delay and subject to bounded plant disturbances and establish two main results. On the one hand, we design an encoding-decoding scheme that guarantees a sufficient information transmission rate for stabilization. On the other hand, we determine a lower bound on the information transmission rate necessary for stabilization by any control policy.


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